How to intention

I am so excited to have this platform to show you many perplexed shoppers how to make gift-giving MORE fun and MORE smacking-right-on-great.

What are we doing? We are infusing intention into your gifts.
How are we doing it? You know what happens when I try to explain it? My own eyes glaze over. I am better at showing than telling, so I drew it for you.
This took me maybe a half hour to do the above, and I was copying and pasting and writing, not just searching. Bam! Great Gift is on it’s way. Through you can have it delivered to your friend directly or to your home and it will be there in about 2 days (without paying extra).

To summarize:

  • You thought about the qualities in your friend that you admire and that you wish for her.
  • You looked through gift choices.
  • You purchased a great gift.
  • You wrote in the card which empowerment you zinged her gift with.
  • The gift comes in about 2 days.
  • You did not have to leave your house.
  • You saved time and gas money—but actually took MORE time considering what you love about your friend than if you had’ve just bought that cute canister on sale at Marshalls.

One thought on “How to intention

  1. I love it! You did it, gurlfriend!!! I’m home and yours is the first (and most important and most brilliant) email that I will open today and maybe all year! I think it’s the best Blog ever! Kudos to you!!!! and hugs,too! As you know I love this book! It’s helped me with virtually every gift I’ve purchased since I bought the book! Sally in BFN

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