Father’s Day (traditional gifts)


Above is a short list of traditional Father’s Day gifts and what is the symbolic meaning of each.
I’ve taken three of them and shown you gift ideas below. And here is how you might word your gift card:

  • Dad, what I admire about you is your [courage; communication skill; calmness; stability; curiosity; sense of justice]. This gift symbolizes these qualities.
  • Dad, this gift is a symbol of [truth; flexibility; prayer; the open heart], something for which I know I can always count on from you.
  • Dad, I appreciate the [ sense of balance; prayer; nobility; a sense of reality; wisdom] you have brought into my life.

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{click to order} 1. Uncondentional love. Infinity Symbol Tie Bar 2. You light my way. Light Up Tie 3. Father’s tie. I love my Daddy Tie 4. Classic and hip. 100% Silk Woven Plaid Self-Tie Bow Tie
{click to order} 1. Easy to be with. Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper 2. Funny feet. Homer Simpson Slippers for Men 3. Walking on clouds. Cush Insulated Slipper

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