An overview

How it started
This all started when I needed to buy a gift for a good friend’s daughter a graduation gift. I had purchased a pair of earrings that I was sure she would like, but it seemed so…anticlimatical to give a little box with a little earrings for a great big occasion. Then inspiration hit. I pictured that I could infuse meaning and empowerment into the gift– if I knew what the symbolism was of it’s amethyst stone. The symbolism dictionary at the library was daunting. But after much sifting and sorting I found some fantastic  aspirations to choose from:

business success, calming, forgiveness, good judgment, intuition, lifts spirits, safety, truth

For her I chose “good judgment” (as youth are faced with so many choices) and “business success”  (as I knew she was career minded). And I wrote in the card:

“Dear Annie, Congratulations for your high school graduation! Wear these earrings when you are faced with choices, as the amethyst stone is said to aid in good judgement. It is also a symbol of business success–I wish for you delight and satisfaction in your future career.

The book
Then I wrote a book proposal and the first publisher I contacted said Yes! Oh, and they contacted me on my birthday. Conari Press, best known for their book “Random Acts of Kindness” specialized in beautiful, inspirational books (later bought out by Red Wheel/Weiser). It was published in 2000 and later picked up by Gramercy, a division of Random House, and made into a hardbound edition.

The book highlights where in the world the symbolism is from and is packed with suggestion of what to write in the gift card. Click the next tab (First came the book) to see more detail.

The website
In 2008 I faced the daunting and exciting task of getting the information on the web in a useful, cross-referenced fashion that puts sorting and shopping at the reader’s fingertips. The site includes: almost 200 items listed; 3-4 gift shopping option for each; an extensive section on “added sentiments”; many suggestions for what to write in the gift card.

I consider it one of my biggest professional accomplishments (read: html almost killed me).

The blog
A few weeks ago I attended a writer’s conference put on by Hay House. The overriding theme for the weekend was building a platform and the usefulness of social media. And it occurred to me that a blog is a perfect next step in connecting this material with women who could really use this gift-giving system.

The blog keeps up with the gifting holidays as we march through the year, peppering in other gifting occasions as well. We delve into favorite gift items, such as wine and chocolate, roses and socks. And we consider what quality would we like to give that person, if we could gift virtues instead of “things.”

This blog is for those who would like to cut through the materialism of gifting, but cannot, are simply not willing, to stop giving gifts. Here we provide a system of choosing gifts and infusing them with intention.

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