Why I love amazon.com

whyAmazon13 years ago when my book was first published, if you decided you liked the empowerments of “goat”, where would you go to buy your gift? It would be a goose chase, at the very least.

Now, with a few keystrokes, you have dozens of good goat gifts to choose from.

Here’s why I like/totally adore Amazon.com

1. Their huge selection (i.e. one place for my credit card). When my boys tell me of something they want–from games to toys to clothes– the first thing I do is see if it’s on amazon.com. Much of the time it is–and I don’t have to splatter my credit card number all over the internet.

2. Free shipping. Okay, you have to pay $79/year for their free shipping, but I have been known to earn that back in a single month. Last month it was a case of 24 individual servings of vanilla flavored almond mile–delivered to my door in 2 days of ordering! Not all of their items are free shipping, but I try to give you those options here.

3. Easy Buttom. Gals, if you don’t know about Amazon.com’s 1-click ordering, let me introduce you to your new addiction! You see what you like and in 1 (ONE) click, it is ordered and will be to your house in 2 days. I have actually ordered things on Saturday and it was at my house on Monday. One. Click.

I have been known to do Birthday/Christmas/grocery shopping at soccer practice. No kidding.

Okay. And on to the goats. Really Great Goats.

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