Father’s Day (traditional gifts)


Above is a short list of traditional Father’s Day gifts and what is the symbolic meaning of each.
I’ve taken three of them and shown you gift ideas below. And here is how you might word your gift card:

  • Dad, what I admire about you is your [courage; communication skill; calmness; stability; curiosity; sense of justice]. This gift symbolizes these qualities.
  • Dad, this gift is a symbol of [truth; flexibility; prayer; the open heart], something for which I know I can always count on from you.
  • Dad, I appreciate the [ sense of balance; prayer; nobility; a sense of reality; wisdom] you have brought into my life.

{click to order} 1. Healthy grill book. Grill This, Not That! 2. Comprehensive grill. How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques, A Barbecue Bible! 3.Tools in a box. Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Barbecue Set 4. Grillin’ with Daddy. Kids Chef White Cooking Apron 5. Choose your weapon. BBQ Tools Men’s T-shirt

{click to order} 1. Uncondentional love. Infinity Symbol Tie Bar 2. You light my way. Light Up Tie 3. Father’s tie. I love my Daddy Tie 4. Classic and hip. 100% Silk Woven Plaid Self-Tie Bow Tie
{click to order} 1. Easy to be with. Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper 2. Funny feet. Homer Simpson Slippers for Men 3. Walking on clouds. Cush Insulated Slipper


The Dark Pink Rose: Smell the scent of appreciation. The internet littered with references of the meaning of flowers–and all point to the dark pink rose as THE flower for appreciation.

{click to purchase} 1. Wrap up in appreciation. Chiffon Shawl 2. Hang appreciation from the ceiling. 9.84 Inch Rose Flower Ball 3. Putting on paper my appreciation for you. Drawing Book 8 X 8 Inch 4. You light up my life. Roses String Light Set 5. You’re essential in my life. Super soft leather-like flower handbag


The Sun: You shined your light on someone’s life (or they shined their light on you). This was a fun find. Ricky writes extensively on tattoos and their current and historical symbolism.


{click to purchase} 1. You shine on us all. Brass Wall Sculpture 16 “ 2. With the amber stone, this is the ring of endless appreciation. Honey Amber and Sterling Silver Flaming Sun Ring 3. Good for anywhere you go. Celestial Tapestry-Wall-Beach-Bed 4. A party for appreciation. Sun 20″ Pinata 5. Daily essential with inspired quote.  Sip ‘N Go Travel Tumbler 


The Iguana: A subtle appreciation for all things. Avia Venefica goes into great lengths about what her Iguana has taught her.


{click to purchase} 1. Close to the heart.  Iguana Pewter Pendant 2. Hug it tight. Iguana Plush Animal 3. Slow down and appreciate. Iguana Outdoor Statue 4. Among the finer things of life. Hand Crafted Glass Iguana Bottle Stopper


When I put together the lists from my book to put into my website, I was alarmed to realize I had NO gifts that symbolized culture’s items of appreciation. Appreciation is a central sentiment for me! So I vowed that when I started to further research to add to my index I would start with appreciation.

But it’s been 14 years since I put together the original book. The way I found my materials was through—-books. Stacks and stacks of books. I felt…smug…as I approached University of Google. Research was going to be a snap.

Boy was I surprised! The very reason I wrote my book in the first place was because if I wanted to find a gift-symbolism for, say, silver, I had to wade through pages and pages of icky stuff to find the gems–authentic, cultural symbols. And there I was, once again, wading through virtual pages and pages for the jewels.

Oh how things stay the same.

I am pleased, however, with these three really great symbolic tokens to share with you.

Father’s Day (sentiments)

fathersDayGridThis is the list of suggested sentiments from Language of Gifts, so let’s start here.
It is pretty interesting seeing all these sentiments and items together. At a glance you can see if there is any motif that your father is partial to, and also observe which items are listed in more than one quality, such as the umbrella (dignity and honor), cedar (dignity and longevity) and gold (longevity and wisdom). It gives you the opportunity to imbue a double zapped intention. So for kicks, let’s start with the umbrella. What kind of umbrella gift can you give besides…an umbrella?


{click to purchase} 1. The owl of wisdom. White Ceramic Owl Umbrella Stand 2. Everyone you touch. Umbrella Cufflinks 3. Always classy. Umbrella Bow Tie 4. Open and always there. Umbrella Plaque 5. Fun, with respect. Umbrella Golf Short 6. Everywhere you go. Umbrella Leather Keyring

Good Goat Gifts

{click to buy} 1. Strong Self. Sterling Silver Nubian Goat Pendant 2. Healthy as a goat. Goat Club Cover 3. In the details. Grey Goat Laundry Hamper


One of my coworkers asked me today, “why goats?” when I was telling her about my first blog posts. To tell the truth, getting a good goat gift was one of my first challenges soon after my book came out. I worked with a gal who loved goats and I was clueless WHERE to go to buy a goat gift.

Interestingly, that was in the infancy of Amazon.com, and that single choice I had in 2004 is still there!

Chinese Seal Carving – Goat

Soooooo glad to report that I have some better options for you, and I’ve written some intentions for you as a springboard–or copy mine directly!