Good Goat Gifts

{click to buy} 1. Strong Self. Sterling Silver Nubian Goat Pendant 2. Healthy as a goat. Goat Club Cover 3. In the details. Grey Goat Laundry Hamper


One of my coworkers asked me today, “why goats?” when I was telling her about my first blog posts. To tell the truth, getting a good goat gift was one of my first challenges soon after my book came out. I worked with a gal who loved goats and I was clueless WHERE to go to buy a goat gift.

Interestingly, that was in the infancy of, and that single choice I had in 2004 is still there!

Chinese Seal Carving – Goat

Soooooo glad to report that I have some better options for you, and I’ve written some intentions for you as a springboard–or copy mine directly!