Father’s Day (sentiments)

fathersDayGridThis is the list of suggested sentiments from Language of Gifts, so let’s start here.
It is pretty interesting seeing all these sentiments and items together. At a glance you can see if there is any motif that your father is partial to, and also observe which items are listed in more than one quality, such as the umbrella (dignity and honor), cedar (dignity and longevity) and gold (longevity and wisdom). It gives you the opportunity to imbue a double zapped intention. So for kicks, let’s start with the umbrella. What kind of umbrella gift can you give besides…an umbrella?


{click to purchase} 1. The owl of wisdom. White Ceramic Owl Umbrella Stand 2. Everyone you touch. Umbrella Cufflinks 3. Always classy. Umbrella Bow Tie 4. Open and always there. Umbrella Plaque 5. Fun, with respect. Umbrella Golf Short 6. Everywhere you go. Umbrella Leather Keyring